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Volunteers who drive 

Drivers using their own vehicles for voluntary activities should tell their insurers. They should make it clear that they will only receive out-of-pocket expenses, to make it clear that this is not commercial use of the vehicle.

There should not be higher premiums for this, as volunteering should be regarded as part of the ‘social, domestic and pleasure’ use of the vehicle. However, some insurers may see volunteering as a business use, but they should not raise the premium.

If a volunteer is just using their own vehicle to drive to and from their place of volunteering, they don’t need to disclose this to their insurer. i.e. This isn’t a ‘volunteering activity’.  

If you have confirmed you would volunteer to be a volunteer Driver, please confirm that you will only drive if:
  • your insurance company is aware that you are doing this
  • you are fit to do so
  • you hold a current driving license 
  • your vehicle is in a good condition, including in date MOT
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